Digital Services for Europe

Practical strategy-building toolkit to move towards a social and technical roadmap for digital services for all citizens, in which collaboration at all levels of government and private sector are further enabled

Gain insights and overview

Use the building-block elements in this toolkit to evaluate your existing strategy and create an overview of aspects related to the digital transition

Determine your starting point

Get started by taking the survey to indicate your current state of affairs as the starting point for your strategic roadmap

Generate your roadmap

Based on the result of your digital survey, generate your local-context strategic roadmap towards digital services for your citizens

Learn from good practices

For each of the strategic building-block elements, practical implementation steps and references to good practices are available (under development)

Find funding opportunities

Kickstart the next stage of your digital transition by finding funding programs that are available for application to get started (on backlog)

Collaborate with others

Let others know which elements of your strategy you are working on and collaborate to move forwards together (on backlog)